Solution Focused Dialogue for the Digital Workplace


To help you to increase your confidence and sharpen your ability to dialogue effectively.  


In the fast-paced digital workplace, our colleagues, customers and key stakeholders can often push our buttons and get us on our edge. Poor communication skills—avoiding issues (letting things fester) or escalating trouble (needlessly complicating matters) can cost your organization thousands of dollars.

Competent communication our ability to manage differences skilfully can transform costly situations into profitable outcomes. This Solution Focused Dialogue for the Digital Workplace Course will help you to increase your confidence and sharpen your ability to dialogue effectively.  

program objectives

Create a difference for yourself and learn to:

  • Build relationships to work across boundaries

  • Apply specific skills for handling difficult situations

  • Collaborate to drive creativity and innovation

  • Dialogue confidently in a one-to-one conversation

  • Adapt to change and align yourself speedily



Target Audience:  This program is designed for every employee who is frequently faced with challenging situations in a complex digital workplace.

Group Size:  18 – 20 pax

Duration:  1 Day

Training Format:  The workshop is highly interactive and utilizes a variety of methods and tools to maximize learning.  For example, individual and small-group exercises and discussions that are practical with participants actively engaged in their own workplace issues.

Program Outline

Two Special Features:

  • You will receive a special Solution Focused Toolkit and a Strength-based Workbook with practical tools for learning and applying the Solution Focused Dialogue System on your job.
  • The workshop focuses on issues of your own choosing rather than other people’s circumstances or case studies to practice and apply the skills learned.

Learning Methods:

  • Informative conceptual presentations.
  • Live demonstrations using specific skills and processes.
  • Skill rehearsals with your situation(s) to create your preferred future, using innovative skills for accelerated learning.
  • Development of a specific action plan for dealing with your most challenging on-the-job situation immediately after you leave the workshop.

Behavioural Skills:

  • From learning the Solution Focused Dialogue system, you will understand and be able to apply:
  • Listen, Select, Build—a guide for accessing important information accurately and efficiently while building relationship.
  • Strength-based techniques for managing yourself and to build confidence in dealing with challenging situations.
  • A set of practical interactive ‘how to’ skills to positively influence the outcome that you can co-create.
  • Self-awareness and self-regulation to increase personal power and Influence positively.

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