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Building on Strengths and Empowering People for Success in Organizations


A positive revolution is quietly spreading through the world of organizational and personal change. Across the globe coaches, leaders, managers and trainers are discovering the positive power of Solution Focused Leadership Coaching.

Applying a strengths-based perspective using the “Solution Focused" approach offers a powerful yet subtle way to positive change. It takes you beyond outmoded ideas, replacing over–complicated theories and methods with a dynamic, intensely practical approach that provides the positive outcomes that organizations crave, along with fresh learning every time. The Solution Focused approach is in the foreground of all these developments, a driving force in the worldwide community of practitioners.  BRIEF Academy is leading the way with this SIMPLE Process to Positive Change.

We offer you a set of accessible practical skills that work by drawing know-how, resources, success stories and ideas for action from those involved.  

This two-day professional course is for Managers, Leaders, Members of Technical Staff and HR Practitioners and is aimed at increasing their own strengths and competencies as well as their staff.

Participants will learn systematic and effective user-friendly tools for helping employees harness and build on their strengths. The course will offer opportunities for participants to explore their own leadership and management dilemmas and challenges. Participants will gain practical methods for working with staff in ways that enhance their sense of competence and effectiveness.


At the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and develop leadership characteristics that help build high performing teams.
  • Adopt a solution focused mindset to help employees grow and develop.
  • Uncover the hidden strengths of employees.
  • Build employee motivation, confidence and competence through performance feedback.
  • Know how to handle difficult situations - conundrums.
  • Conduct effective goal setting sessions
  • Coach for improving job performanceCreate an action plan to monitor the use of these skills in the workplace



Solution Focused Leadership Coaching is a modular learning workshop that includes 2-days of action learning activities.  This workshop focuses on building solution focused coaching skills and competencies. A optional follow-up team coaching session 4 to 6 weeks later will help participants to refine their skills and learn additional group coaching techniques.


  • Leadership in a High Performance Organization
  • Building A Coaching Relationship
  • Solution Focused BRIEF Model
  • Coaching through Change
  • Feedback and Feed Forward
  • Team Coaching – 5 Questions Every Leader Must Ask & Reflecting Team

Participants can expect to leave the program not only aware of the possibilities of the solution focused approach but also with an enhanced sense of their own and their team’s possibilities.  It is expected that participants will be able to use the solution focused coaching skills immediately.

Course Coverage

  1. Leadership in a High Performance Organization – ‘Good to Great’ :  attributes of high performing great leaders – Shield Exercise.
  2. Building A Coaching Relationship – Motivating your employees/colleagues effectively and sustainably:  Creating Coachable Moments, Reframing and Reflecting Skills
  3. Solution Focused BRIEF Model– Problem-solving vs solution building. Scaling questions.  Useful language skills. Take away coaching tools and a coaching model for immediate transfer of learning at your workplace.
  4. Coaching Conundrums – Handling difficult coaching situations, Different styles of coaching. Strong Coaching vs Nice Coaching and Coaching through Change.
  5. Feedback and Feed Forward– Revealing blind spots, Raising Awareness and Generating Responsibilities.
  6. Five Questions Every Leader Must Ask - Focuses the team’s attention forward - to possibilities and solutions instead of backward to failures, blaming and excuses. Reflecting Team format.
  7. Conclusion – Recaps key learning gained from the workshop and takes away an action plan for immediate implementation back at work.


Target Audience:  Leaders, Managers, Senior Members of Technical Staff & HR Practitioners.

Group Size:  18 – 20 pax

Duration:  2 Days plus Follow-up Team Coaching (4-6 weeks later)

Training Format:  

The workshop is highly interactive and utilizes a variety of methods and tools to maximize learning.  For example, individual and small-group exercises and discussions that are practical with participants actively engaged in their own workplace issues.


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