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Help you to build a new foundation with your employees


The roller coaster ride of change these days has shattered the traditional organizational structure.  Spawned are self-directed work teams, increased spans of control and the need to do more with less.

Do you know what motivates your team members?  Solution Circle for TEAMs helps you to build a new foundation with your employees – one that is based on self-responsibility and self-accountability.  You’ll learn why people do what they do … to adjust your style for effective leadership…and how to apply the Steps in the Solution Circle to derive solutions to complex issues.

Solution Circle for TEAMs is a HOW TO workshop.  You’ll learn how to coach and facilitate with a style that motivates people to do their best.  It is based on a unique dialogue in action. 50% of the workshop time is spent practicing what you learn and mapping solutions to your workplace challenges.  You’ll walk away with tools and materials that will help you practice your coaching long after the workshop.


At the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Apply the principles of the Solution Circle to develop high impact teams
  • Lead project teams to work consistently in a result oriented fashion right from the start
  • Leverage organizational change and chaos
  • Strengthen relationships and minimize performance issues
  • Enhance communications and achieve life-work balance
  • Develop the talent of new or seasoned leaders


learning outcome

Solution Circle for TEAMs presents a paradigm shift when it comes to working with groups.  It supports teams in finding a way out of complex and tense situations; resolve conflicts and deal with unnecessary tension in the team or between groups.

The workshop is highly interactive and utilizes a variety of methods and tools to maximize learning.  For example:

  • Participants bring real-life challenges into the workshop and solutions/action mapping take place in a supportive environment.

  • Participants will learn how to lead and be coached on the process of solutions surfing including managing hot spots and finding exceptions.

Participants can expect to leave the program not only aware of the possibilities of the solution focused approach but also with an enhanced sense of their own and their team’s possibilities.  It is expected that participants will be able to use the solution focused skills immediately.

Course Coverage


  1. Four Basic Principles – Focusing on solutions, building on success, illuminating resources, finding new perspectives
  2. The Solution Circle – 8 Step Dance – Preparing the ground, expectations and goals, hotspots, highlights, future perfect, scaling dance, small steps, personal mission
  3. A Look Into The Tool Box – Solution finding questions, pausing for reflection, silence and attentive awareness, illuminating small successes
  4. Keeping Things Going – celebrating progress, solution surfing, change and development, structure of team coaching, The Reflecting Team process and 5 Questions Every Leader Must Ask
  5. Dealing With Strong Personalities – staying in conversation, handling resistance, tolerance, ‘know it all’
  6. Conclusion – Recaps key learning gained from the workshop and takes away an action plan for immediate implementation back at work.




Target Audience:  Anyone leading teams in a digital workplace

Group Size:  10 – 15 pax

Duration:  2 Days 

Training Format:  

Solution Circle for TEAMs is a modular learning workshop that focuses on building solution focused skills and competencies to enable you to focus your energy and your time to developing solutions in the everyday life of the team.


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