Appreciative Leadership


Illuminating Strengths and Propelling Change


Illuminating Strengths and Propelling Change - Advancing personal and organizational effectiveness and building a generative capacity for scaling up performance.


The world has changed. Approaches to leadership that served well in the past do not address the challenges of the 21st century. We have crossed a threshold to a new era: one that demands a radical shift in leadership strategies and practices. To meet this challenge, leadership now must respond to new trends currently defining the social milieu of organizations and communities:

New generations have come of age. People want to be involved in the decisions that affect them and to be acknowledged for a job well done.

Diversity is the norm. Organizations and communities are no longer homogeneous. People in today’s organizations want leadership to be collaborative and just.

Institutions are being reinvented. They are more fluid and more agile. In them, distributed leadership and power emerges as people self-organize to meet the needs of the whole.

Holistic, sustainable approaches are essential. The most pressing challenges of our time are global in nature. They cannot be resolved by one person or one business. They require unprecedented appreciation of differences and collaboration. They call for Appreciative Leadership.

Appreciative Leadership is an action-learning appreciative inquiry training targeted at Senior Managers and Senior Leaders who want to sharpen and advance their leadership inquiry skills to become more effective Leaders.

This program is a compelling mix of presentations and experiential activities, each step building your knowledge and skills.  You’ll apply the tools and concepts to case studies and your own real-life work issues. This means your skills will improve fast, enabling you to put your learning to good use immediately.


At the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Apply the principles of Appreciative Leadership for lasting impact
  • Enhance your repertoire of leadership skills with new and powerful techniques that will transform teams.
  • To advance your organization’s initiative by aligning at a personal level and at an organizational level with purpose and principles.



This Appreciative Leadership workshop is an experiential learning workshop that includes 2 full days of action learning activities.  This workshop focuses on building strength-based skills and competencies.

Key modules include:

  • The Wisdom of Inquiry:  Leading with Positively Powerful Questions
  • The Art of Illumination:  Bringing out the Best of People and Situations
  • The Genius of Inclusion:  Engaging with People to Co-create the Future
  • The Courage of Inspiration:  Awakening the Creative Spirit
  • The Path of Integrity:  Making Choices for the Good of the Whole
  • Forward Focus Leadership Framework:  5 Key Questions Every Leader Must Ask

Participants can expect to leave the program not only aware of the possibilities of the strength-based approach but also with an enhanced sense of their own and their team’s possibilities.  It is expected that participants will be able to use the appreciative leadership skills to immediately impact performance at the workplace.



This program will benefit anyone in a senior leadership role who wants to get more out of their team or organization.




Course Duration: 2 Days

Training Format:  The workshop is highly interactive and utilizes a variety of methods and tools to maximize learning. For example, individual and small-group exercises and discussions that are practical with participants actively engaged in their own workplace issues.


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