An Example of Solution Focused BRIEF Coaching Working


A Short Story

from one of our graduates of the CSFC Program in KL.


"Just a note for sharing purpose with everyone in the group, I just had an amazing meeting session with my President/CEO.

My team presented a project we were working on, which required his final buy- in, especially on the key roles he'd be playing.

I initially used my high-impact presentation tools and trainer tools, but found him to be more skeptical and resistant as we went further along.

So, I put on my "solution focused coach" hat and turned the meeting into a group coaching session and almost immediately his attitude changed.

By asking him simple questions that were important to him, he came to the same conclusions my team had deduced earlier. But he came to them all by himself. And now my team has his complete buy in.

And the thing is, I'm just a novice at solution focused coaching.  Solution focused coaching is amazing."

This is an example of the application of Solution Focused BRIEF Coaching at work..... "It's never about the Coach; it's always about the Client."

Hester Aba