Living a Purposeful Life


“Questions have intention and shift dialogue in a particular direction.”


Why do you exist? How clear are you about your purpose in life? Can you see the big picture? Did you pass the mirror test this morning? Are the eyes that look back at you challenged? Are you inspired and focused as you step into your office knowing what to do, how to deliver and the reason for doing your work?

Most inspiring people have a clear inner knowing about their destiny (why they are here on earth), their cause (how they show up) and their calling (what they will do and how they will use their talents and gifts to serve). It is important to have the WHY to live for, so that you can bear with the HOW that comes along your way.

Great leaders think, act and communicate from the inside out – Why -> How -> What? Employees who are passionate about their jobs think the same way. They ask questions of their leaders too – why do they do what they do? How will I grow my potential by following them? What should I do to reach my cause by following them? 

As you start the year, it is important that you know who you are, what are your talents and how you can use your greatest strengths (talents + skills + knowledge) to impact the organization you work for. Link your strengths to the needs of your organization. Think about the social networks that you operate in, the important members who are part of your organization. Map out the key stakeholders that you need to touch in some way so that you can add value most often. When you look at your relationships with these people, ask how you can best influence their work, how do you help create positive energy?



Before you go to bed, on your mirror post a sticky note that contains the question “Am I challenged?” In the morning, take a few minutes to answer that question honestly. If the answer is no, take immediate action to find that challenge.

Next week, set up a lunch with a mentor. Discuss where you are in your career, but avoid talking about your career path. Identify what you enjoy about your job and ways in which you can incorporate even more passion into your job.

This week, review your job description. Think about ways in which you have made your role smaller or larger. Set up a time to meet with your manager to discuss possibilities for incorporating your passions into your job.



  1. Do you really believe you can get to where you want to go just by being happy about where you are today?

  2. What happens to people who lack passion in their careers?

  3. What are some of the indicators that you need more challenge?

  4. Are there other imperatives for developing a successful career?


Article contributed by:  Simon Lee, Accredited Master Executive Coach

Hester Aba