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Strengths Builder

Stallion Strengths

Based on the BRIEF COACHING model

A Strength-based Coaching Framework for Leaders

Learn what horses can teach us that human beings can’t.

As leaders, we are taught to analyze, diagnose and control. Horses teach us to feel, connect and build relationships. Come and experience how to reconnect, appreciate and learn through horses.

As you work with your assigned horse, you will explore your leadership qualities and strengths by asking for movement (various experiential exercises) from your horse. Discover how, as a leader, you can direct and guide without expending a lot of energy. Explore experiences that parallel your real-life situations with different employees at work.

With the help of our Strengths Spotting Tool, you also get to discover your personal character strengths –– what’s best about you as a human being –- this is powerful knowledge. It lets you understand and nurture what’s right with you. You will learn to apply specific interventions that allow you to increase your effectiveness as a leader.

Call us to enquire how the horses can help you take on a higher level. This is a 2-day program held at Cape Cavallho in Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan.

"It’s not what you said, It’s how you are heard."

Let's connect and co-create a customized program together.

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